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Building this website!

I am building this website by myself from the ground up. I have never built a website or taken classes on building them so this has been a real learning experience. I could have gone an easier route like with Wix or something, but instead I am using WordPress and learning all about html and website building. I went this route in order to save money. I didn’t really want to pay someone else to build it either, because I try to keep my business expenses low so that I can pass those savings on to my customers. I would like everyone to be able to use a high quality soap and body product. Some luxuries should be available to everyone and not just the wealthy. Its amazing what a difference quality handmade soap can make in a persons life. I began making soap because my skin is very sensitive. As I got older it became worse and worse and I was in constant search for a product that wouldn’t break me out. I finally found a handmade goat milk soap at a craft fair and I bought it. It was amazing and changed my life. No more rashes, no more itching, no more embarrassing psoriasis and eczema. My skin was finally clear, soft, and glowing. The problem is that I paid $2.30 an oz. for this soap. It became really experience but I was stuck. One day while online searching for a cheaper option, I was taken to a YouTube video of a woman making Cold Process soap. I thought hmmmm if this lady can make soap, why cant I? I researched for over a year before I made my first bar of soap. I had such a good time reading about soap and watching videos about soap, but nothing compared to the joy of actually making soap. I posted it on my personal Facebook page because I was so excited. I just wanted to share my experience. Someone asked me if I would be willing to sell any of it and I said sure and that was the beginning of my little small town soap shop. My mother told me one time that if I did something I loved for a living, I would never work a day in my life. I’m glad I listened to her.